Phone zap: Address the child care workforce crisis!

Ontario needs to follow other provinces and sign a child care agreement with the federal government. This agreement needs to include decent work and pay!

Some background:

  • If the government doesn't sign an agreement by March 31, 2022, Ontario is at risk of losing more than a billion dollars in federal funding for a child care program. 
  • Ontario remains the only jurisdiction that hasn’t signed a deal to deliver high-quality, $10 a day child care.
  • Even with more than a billion dollars on the table, Premier Doug Ford claims Ontario can’t afford to fund a child care program -- but nothing could further than the truth.
  • Experience from Quebec and other jurisdictions shows that high-quality, affordable child care actually pays for itself by creating high-quality jobs and allowing more women to enter the workforce.

What do we want? 

We need to turn up the heat on this government to ensure it not only delivers high quality, affordable child care but also ensures the staff who care for and educate our children to have a livable wage, reliable hours, and safe working conditions. This means: 

A salary grid that ensures at least:

  • a $25 per hour starting wage for all early years staff;
  • a $30 per hour starting wage for Early Childhood Educators;
  • a daily rate minimum for licensed home child care providers; and
  • a commensurate benefits package for all.

Decent work standards that support pedagogical practice, including paid planning time, permanent paid sick and emergency leave days and Early Childhood Workforce Learning Framework.

The creation of practitioner roles that will strengthen program quality while formally recognizing the value of credentials, experience, and diverse knowledges.

Pathways to acquire and upgrade qualifications, responding to the needs and strengths of rural, remote, and marginalized communities.

Who to call

  1. Federal Minister of Families, Children & Development Karina Gould: 905-639-5757
  2. Ontario Premier Doug Ford: 416-325-1941
  3. Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce: 647-560-9700
  4. Your own Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)

Suggested talking points (please feel free to use your own words)

My name is ________________ and my postal code is ________________. 

I am calling you to ensure that the Ontario child care agreement is signed as soon as possible. The agreement must also include measures to address the crisis workers in child care are facing. This means a $25 minimum wage for all childcare workers, a $30 minimum wage for ECEs, and permanent paid sick days for all workers in childcare. 

The working conditions of early childhood educators are also the learning and nurturing conditions of our children.

Already more than 1,500 ECE, child care workers and supporters have signed on to support the, “A Workforce at Breaking Point” open letter from the OCBCC & AECEO calling on your immediate action. Time is running out and you need to act now! 

My phone number is ________________ and I would like a response and a chance to voice my concerns to you directly. 

Next steps