Decent Work for All: Phone Zap


Doug Ford and his Conservative government have made it clear that they are working for big businesses and not people. Since starting in office, Ford’s government has repealed the $15 minimum wage, rolled back protections for workers, and eliminated paid sick days. Our movement has only grown stronger in response, and pressure is mounting on this government to do what is right. 

Now is the time to make sure every elected representative feels the pressure to commit to improving working conditions in Ontario. 

Who to call

Let's call our elected representatives to demand justice for workers now!

  • Call Premier Doug Ford, 416-325-1941 or 416-745-2859
  • Labour Minister Monte McNaughton: 416-326-7600
  • Call your OWN MPP: click here, scroll down, and enter your postal code:

Suggested script for your MPP (feel free to use your own words):

Hello, my name is __________. I live in your riding__________.

The COVID crisis has exposed how low wages, involuntary part-time employment and dangerous working conditions threaten all of us - and not just during pandemics. Bad jobs are harmful to workers, bad for the economy, and a threat to public health. Black workers and workers of colour have paid a much bigger price for laws that fail to protect us. 

At least 10 employer-paid, permanent paid sick days are crucial. But we also need a much higher minimum wage -- at least $20/hour, adjusted each year to keep up with rising prices. Every single worker must be protected by the law, so we must close all loopholes and exemptions. Laws must also be enforced, with real penalties for employers who break them.

We need much better protections for temp agency workers, we must end the misclassification of workers as self-employed, and all migrant workers need full immigration status.  

I fully support the bold vision for decent work put forward by the Justice for Workers campaign and urge you to do everything you can to improve employment standards as soon as possible. 

We can’t wait any longer for leadership. I am fighting for decent work now. But make no mistake: in the next election, I’ll be voting for a decent work champion. 

My phone number is: __________ My mailing address is: __________. Thank you. 


Ask a friend to do the same!

After you make your calls, consider phoning 5 of your friends or co-workers, to ask them to make similar calls. Share the url to this page with them, so they know what to do!