Emergency Phone Action Support Education Workers

Who to call: 

Your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP): Type your postal code here https://www.ola.org/en/members 

Doug Ford, Premier

Office: 416-325-1941
Constituency: 416-745-2859

Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education
Constituency: 647-560-9700

Sylvia Jones, Minister of Health & Deputy Premier
Office: 416-327-4300
Constituency: 519-941-7751

Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour
Office: 416-326-7600
Constituency: 519-245-8696 or 519-627-1015

Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Children, Community and Social Services
Office: 416-325-5225
Constituency: 613-599-3000

Charmaine Williams, Associate Minister of Status of Women: 905-454-1233

Suggested talking points:

Hi my name is [insert name].

I live in [state your riding].

I supported the education worker strike and labour movement solidarity that forced the Ford Government to commit to repealing Bill 28. I urge you and your fellow MPPs follow through on that promise and do the right thing as soon as possible.

Once Bill 28 is repealed, the government must negotiate a good deal with education workers that includes wage increases for the lowest paid education workers and better services for students. The government has the resources to fix the crisis in education.

If education workers are forced to take job action again, I will support them, again.

As an elected representative, I urge you to do everything possible to negotiate a good deal with education workers and to defend all workers’ right to decent wages and decent work.

My phone number is [insert number]. My address is [insert address].

Additional calls: 

Loren Coe, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier: 905-430-1141

Matthew Rae, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education: 519-272-0660

Patrice Barnes, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education: 905-427-2060

Dawn Gallagher-Murphy, Parliamentary Assitant to the Ministry of Health:

Annand Deepak, Parliamentary Assistance to the Minister of Labour:

David Smith, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour:

Logan Kanapathi, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services:

What’s at stake?

Over the last four years, Ford’s Conservatives have cut funding for schools by $800 per student (adjusted for inflation). In 2021-22, cuts totalled $1.6 billion.

These cuts result in poor ventilation, inadequate cleaning and overcrowded classrooms. During the COVID pandemic, our schools weren’t safe for students and Ontario experienced more school closures than anywhere else in Canada.

Cuts to funding also mean cuts to services for students. This includes dwindling one-on-one support from Educational Assistants, school libraries without library workers, reduced custodial services and a backlog of basic school maintenance.

Education workers are fed up with the underfunding of Ontario’s education system and the undervaluing of the workers that make the system run. It simply can't continue this way. The Ontario government has the resources to end the crisis in public education and must take do so now. 

Education workers have shown us that when we stand together, we can defeat unjust laws.

Let's keep fighting to ensure education workers – and ALL workers – have safe and healthy work with livable wages so one job can actually be enough to pay the bills.