Emergency PHONE Zap: Bring back CRB! Fix EI for good!


  • On October 23, Canada Recovery Benefits ended and almost a million people have been left with nothing. 
  • The 2021 Budget Bill gives the government leeway to extend CRB to November 20 without additional approval from Parliament.
  • The economy has not fully recovered and in some areas of the country, COVID is still at dangerously high levels. 
  • Ending benefits before all sectors have fully reopened punishes workers for circumstances beyond their control.
  • Eliminating CRB will do nothing to address the real cause of the labour shortage which is the exodus of workers from jobs with sub-poverty wages, unsafe working conditions, and unpredictable or inadequate hours.

What workers need:

  1. Extension of the Canada Recovery Benefit, retroactively from October 23, until there is a more complete recovery from COVID.
  2. Restoration of the $500 benefit and provide repayment amnesty for low-income claimants who received federal COVID benefits. 
  3. Early action on permanent reforms to EI: 
  • Better access, including a 360 hour/12 week qualifying rule, 50 week duration and an end to harsh disqualifications; 
  • Improved benefit rates, including a guaranteed minimum; and 
  • A new annual Federal contribution to EI to help pay for improvements and ensure EI acts as an automatic economic stabilizer at times of crisis

Who to call? 

  • Justin Trudeau: (613) 992-4211 General TTY/Teletypewriter (for hearing impaired): (613) 995-2266 
  • Chrystia Freeland: (416) 928-1451 General TTY/Teletypewriter: (613) 369-3230
  • Carla Qualtrough: (778) 593-4007 General TTY/Teletypewriter: (613) 995‑2266
  • Your own MP: Click here to find your Member of Parliament (MP)

Suggested script:

Hi. My name is ______________ and I’m calling about the Canada Recovery Benefit. By ending CRB income support, almost a million workers have been left with nothing.

As you know, the economy is not fully recovered. In some areas of the country, COVID is still dangerously high. Ending benefits at this time punishes workers for circumstances beyond their control. I am calling on you to continue benefits until a full recovery is at hand and to restore the benefit rate of $500 per week.

I am also calling on you to support urgent action on permanent reforms to Employment Insurance. This includes better access like a new qualifying rule of 360 hours or 12 weeks of work; improved benefit rates including a $500 weekly minimum; and the elimination of unfair disqualification rules. 

The government should also make a yearly contribution to the EI Account to help pay for the improvements and to make sure EI is there for more of us when the next crisis hits.

My phone number is ________ and my mailing address is __________. I would like a response as soon as possible. 

Thank you!


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