HIGHLIGHTS: January 2022 Decent Work Organizing Meeting

On Tuesday, January 18, workers from across the province (and some from across the country) came together to plan the next steps for the movement for decent work for all. It was a great way to start off the year. Here are some highlights from the meeting in case you missed it or need a refresher. 

We heard from Jess Tomas from the Association of Early Childcare Educators of Ontario and a member of CUPE Local 2484. They talked about the state of childcare during this wave of the pandemic. 

Jennifer Scott, from Gig Workers United, warned us about legislation that would further entrench the misclassification of gig workers by creating a second class of workers. Jennifer offered some clear action items that allies can take to support gig workers during this fight. 

Stephanie Sarmiento, a public health nurse and a member of the Decent Work and Health Network, provided an update about the fight for paid sick days in Ontario and across the country. 

Pam Frache, the coordinator of the Justice for Workers campaign, and Janice Folk-Dawson, Executive Vice-President of the Ontario Federation of Labour, both provided an exciting overview of some milestones for the fight for decent work in the year ahead.