Justice for Maria Phone Zap

Live-in care worker Maria Tajon is owed $28,000 in stolen wages from her wealthy employer. She fought back and won her case at the Ontario Labour Relations Board. But the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Finance have failed to take meaningful steps to ensure Maria gets her wages back.

Let's make sure there's no rest for her wealthy employer nor the government ministries responsible until Maria is paid in full.

Please call the Gefens: 

  • Harvey Gefen: 416-449-3222
  • Sylvia Gefen: 416-940-0022


(Feel free to change it up and make it your own!)

Hello, my name is _______. 

I am outraged by your refusal to pay Maria Tajon the $27,896.89 that you owe her. 

The Ontario Labour Relations Board has ordered you to pay Maria the wages she earned caring for your family. Instead, you continue to live in comfort, breaking the law while Maria has been pushed into the shelter system where she lived throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The recent article in the Toronto Star exposed the abusive labour practices you have relied on to build your wealth. 

I urge you to pay Maria Tajon the money you owe immediately and stop exploiting workers by illegally denying them wages. I will also be calling the Minister of Labour and the Minister of Finance to demand they take action to hold you accountable.

Please call the government ministers responsible: 

  • Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour: 416-326-7600 (MOL office) or 519-245-8696 (Riding office)
  • Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance: 416-327-2333 (MOF office) or 905-509-0336 (Riding office)


(Feel free to change it up and make it your own!)

Hello, my name is _______. 

I am outraged by your Ministry’s inaction to protect workers’ rights to fair compensation. Maria Tajon, a live-in caregiver for Harvey and Sylvia Gefen, was awarded $27,986.89 in wages by the Ontario Labour Relations Board on October 30, 2019. Since then, Maria has received $0 from the Gefens. 

It is your job to enforce the Employment Standards Act and make sure workers receive the money that they earn. By failing to take action on cases like Maria’s, your Ministry has enabled rich employers to steal from their workers for years. 

I urge you to take immediate action to ensure Maria Tajon is paid the wages she is owed in full and use all the tools your Ministry has available to hold every employer accountable. This is a voting issue for me, and I will be following your actions closely.

My phone number is ______ and my mailing address is ______. I would like a response. 

Ask a friend to do the same!

After you make your calls, consider phoning 5 of your friends or co-workers, to ask them to make similar calls. Share this page so they'll know what to do. 

For more information, please click here to read this Toronto Star story