Province-wide day of action!

Sunday, May 01, 2022

We all deserve better. We deserve to have decent wages, adequate hours and safe working conditions. We deserve affordable housing, proper health care and education, all the services we rely on. Every single one of us deserve enough income to live on, whether we are working or in-between jobs; whether we are injured or disabled; whether we are retired or just starting out; whether we are sick or on parental leave. It’s our future, our fight -- let’s make it happen.


Will you come?

or Text MAY to +16473707097 to RSVP
Marissa SOOBRATTIE Douglas Faver Racquel Garnette Matthew Goodings Charles Ritchie Orion Keresztesi Nicola Simpson Gail Zaretsky Robin George Lisa Moore Andres Nancy Nix Toni Eyre Batya Levy Sharlaine Murga Douglas Hooker Cynthia Stark Mark Mager Sam Rohe Sarah-Kai Antanaitis Wayne Virgo Patti Miller Lesley Sprague Alanna Burtch Rahul Mehta Val Endicott Thai Dillon Higashihara Carolyn Li Dave Vadnais Aidan Macdonald Kit Andres Dorar Abuzaid Denise Hammond Lynda Yanz Thuvar Gnaneswaran Melanie Willson Patricia Quintana Paul Costello Erin Harrison sue goldstein Kerry Duncan Yi Man Ng Vannina Sztainbok Julia Falco Kristy Shaw Velvet LeClair Herman Rosenfeld Nadia Pabani