Fix Employment Insurance Now! Call your elected representatives

Who to call: 

  • Justin Trudeau: Prime Minister (613) 992-4211
  • Chrystia Freeland: Finance Minister (613) 992-5234 or (416) 928-1451
  • Randy Boissonnault: Workforce Development Minister 613-992-4524 or 780-442-1888
  • Seamus O’Regan: Labour Minister (613) 992-0927 or (709) 772-4608
  • Your own MP: Type your postal code here:


  • At the start of COVID, the federal government relaxed Employment Insurance eligibility to improve access to support for those in need. 
  • Without these supports, it would have been much worse for workers and their families due to the COVID closures, lockdowns and layoffs. 
  • Statistics Canada has verified the dramatic, positive impact these changes had on improving workers' access to EI.
  • Shamefully, the federal government allowed these rules to expire without implementing the permanent changes needed to make EI work for workers. 
  • As a result, workers have faced a huge jump in the qualifying hours required for both Regular and Special Benefits (parental, sickness, etc), and the allocation/clawback of separation payments.
  • Women, workers of colour, and others in precarious jobs have been disproportionately harmed by the government's inaction.
  • The federal government has failed to take any meaningful action on improving the structural problems with EI – problems that predated the COVID pandemic, like the seasonal black hole and the difficulty in acquiring hours for those in part-time and precarious employment. 
  • Meanwhile, the federal government’s effort to curb inflation by raising interest rates has resulted in more of us losing our jobs without access to adequate -- or any -- EI income support.
  • Despite the fact that federal policies impact employment rates, the federal government has not been a partner in funding EI for decades. 
  • It’s time to restore the federal government’s annual contribution to EI so the resources are there to make the necessary improvements.

Suggested talking points: 

Hello. My name is ______________ calling from ______________.

I am calling because I expect you to do whatever it takes to make the federal government take action to permanently improve Employment Insurance.

This includes:

    • better access to EI, like a new qualifying rule of 360 hours or 12 weeks of work; 
    • improved weekly benefit rates; and 
    • the elimination of unfair disqualification rules. 
  • Add your own issue here.

The government must also make a yearly contribution to the EI Account to help pay for the improvements and to make sure EI is there for more of us. 

This is a voting issue for me and I will be watching the federal budget closely for improvements to EI. My phone number is ________ and my mailing address is __________

I would like a response as soon as possible. Thank you.