July 17, 2021

Reverse the Cut to CRB

Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government’s cut to the Canada Recovery Benefit of 40% came into effect today. At $500 per week before taxes, the CRB has failed to provide even the equivalent of the minimum wage. Still, it has been a lifeline for many workers who have not returned to work. Min, who usually works as an Uber driver, described what the support has meant to him and his family: “Ironically, it’s more than what my family got from employment before the pandemic. It’s not that the $500 per week is a lot of money, it’s my wage, and my wife’s wage is too low.” 

Many workers have depended on this support to pay for groceries, rent, and medicine. Describing the impact the cut will have on his family, Min continued: “I have to cut the support to my son who is going to university to pay bills for my family. Although I [am] worried about the future of my family, my daughter is still very young, and how can I support her through her school years, given the dire job prospects for me on the job market.

Please call on Trudeau’s government to reverse the cut to the Canada Recovery Benefit and ensure adequate support for all workers. Share your story using #Justice4Workers and encourage your friends and family to write to their elected representatives to call on the government to reverse the cut to the Canada Recover Benefit.



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