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    Strategy Meeting - February 24, 25, 26

    Mark your calendars and tell everyone you know: the Justice for Workers Provincial Strategy Meeting is from Friday, February 24 to Sunday, February 26 in Toronto!

    This in-person organizing meeting brings together workers from across the province to learn from one another and plan the next steps of the campaign. 

    Please RSVP now to let us know you're coming! We'll send out more information and a detailed schedule shortly. 

    February 24, 2023 at 9:00am
    Toronto Metropolitan University
    Toronto, ON
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  • Reinstate the rules that made it easier to get EI and Fix Employment Insurance permanently!

    It's urgent we reinstate the temporary recovery measures that made it easier to get EI as a bridge to permanent improvements. Workers are already facing a huge jump in the current minimum of 420 qualifying hours for both Regular and Special Benefits (parental, sickness, etc), and the allocation/clawback of separation payments. Women, workers of colour, and others in precarious jobs are being disproportionately harmed by the government's inaction.

    At the start of COVID, the federal government relaxed EI eligibility to improve access to emergency support for those most in need. Without these supports, it would have been much worse for workers and their families due to the COVID closures, lockdowns and layoffs. As a Statistics Canada report shows, the positive impact of an accessible EI system on workers' lives is undeniable. [1]

    An inaccessible and inadequate EI program is another disaster for workers who need access to EI now when the next crisis hits. That's why we are demanding the federal government immediately extend the temporary EI measures and implement the following permanent changes: 

    • Expand EI access:
      • A 360-hour or 12-week qualifying rule with 50 weeks of income support
      • An end to harsh disqualification rules
      • Ensure migrant workers have access to EI
      • End misclassification, a practice where employers falsely label their employees as self-employed independent contractors to avoid paying their fair share of EI and CPP.
    • Improve the weekly benefit rate and include a guaranteed weekly minimum
    • Fund a new, annual federal government contribution to EI to help pay for improvements, provide adequate staffing with fair pay, and ensure EI acts as an effective economic stabilizer at times of crisis.

    [1] "Pandemic benefits cushion losses for low-income earners and narrow income inequality." Statistics Canada. July 13th, 2022.

    Please add your name to the petition to fix employment insurance:

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    2022 Provincial Election Candidate Pledge

    Polls show the majority of Ontarians support paid sick days, a $20 minimum wage, and decent work for all. For more than two years of the global pandemic, journalists and health authorities have recounted stories about how COVID disproportionately hit low-wage workers, and how workplaces have become hotspots for COVID outbreaks – with tragic consequences. It’s never been clearer that precarious work is a public health hazard.

    Our elected representatives must play a leading role in supporting decent work. The Ontario Government must provide proper funding for the full implementation of a decent work agenda. All public services, institutions and not-for-profit agencies must be funded adequately to implement these decent work policies, without a loss in employment hours or reductions in services.

    Supporting decent work for all also means making sure income supports for injured workers and those on Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program are livable. COVID has shown us that we all need at least $500 per week in income to survive.

    If elected, will you actively support this decent work agenda?

    A $20 minimum wage

    • Legislate a $20 minimum wage for all 
    • Protect and extend legislated annual wage adjustments so our wages keep up with rising prices
    • End sub-minimum wage rates and remove all exemptions to the general minimum wage such as for students and farmworkers

    Decent hours

    Make employers:

    • Guarantee a minimum number of hours of work each week 
    • Offer additional hours to existing workers before hiring new employees
    • Provide work schedules two weeks in advance

    10 Permanent, employer-paid sick days

    • Legislate at least 10 employer-paid emergency leave days per year, plus an additional 14 paid days during public health outbreaks
    • Oppose public subsidies for profitable corporations
    • Stop employers from asking for sick notes to access paid sick days

    Full and permanent immigration status for all

    This means: 

    • Permanent residency status upon arrival for all new migrants, and
    • Permanent residency status for all migrant and undocumented workers already here

    Equal pay for equal work

    • Legislate equal pay and benefits for equal work regardless of our status as part-time, contract or temporary workers 
    • Ensure equal pay and benefits regardless of gender, racialization and immigration status 
    • Make employers provide pay transparency in our workplaces so we can enforce equal pay and help fight racism and sexism

    Laws that protect all of us

    • Ensure migrant and undocumented workers can assert labour rights
    • Expand the Employment Standards Act to include all workers by closing loopholes and ending exemptions
    • Make companies who use temp agencies, franchises and/or subcontractors, fully responsible for their workers’ wages, working conditions and collective bargaining
    • Protect us from unjust firing (wrongful dismissal)

    Protections for gig workers & end misclassification

    • Stop misclassifying gig workers (like Uber drivers) as independent contractors 
    • Repeal the new law that allows companies like Uber to deny gig workers their full rights under the Employment Standards Act

    Real protections for temp agency workers

    • Make companies financially responsible under WSIB for the death and injury of temp agency workers
    • Ensure temp agency workers earn the same wages as directly-hired workers when we do the same work 
    • Require temp agency workers are hired directly by the client company after three months on assignment.
    • And to protect temp agency workers from being fired before this deadline, the law must also require employers provide just cause (a good reason) for terminating the assignment if they bring in another temp agency worker to do the job 

    Make it easier to join – and keep – our unions

    • We must have the right to join unions by signing cards
    • We must be able to form unions across franchises and subcontractors.
    • We must also be able to bargain across regions and sectors of work (broader-based bargaining)
    • Protect us from losing our wages, benefits, and union coverage when a business is sold or when a new service provider gets the contract (stop contract flipping)
    • Repeal Bill 124 that took away our right to free collective bargaining

    Make employers follow the law

    The Ontario Government must implement:

    • More surprise workplace inspections
    • Bigger fines when employers break the law
    • Meaningful compensation for workers when employers violate our rights at work
    • Real job protection for us when we stand up for our rights at work
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