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    Outreach at Coxwell Station

    Join us outside Coxwell Station for this outreach blitz where we'll be collecting signatures on petitions and leafletting about the campaign. We'll be talking to workers, friends and neighbours about why we all need decent work.
    July 23, 2022 at 4:00pm
    Coxwell Station
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    Know Your Rights at Work

    Employers take advantage when workers don’t have rights, don’t know what they are, or don’t know how to enforce them. Have you been paid for all your hours? Do you have questions about holiday pay and who gets it? Do you have the paid sick days you need to care for yourself and your family? Join us for this "Know Your Workplace Rights" workshop. Together, we will learn about our rights at work and how to use them. This workshop will be co-facilitated by the Workers Action Centre and Guelph Justice for Workers. 
    July 17, 2022 at 11:00am
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    Phone zap: Address the child care workforce crisis!

    Ontario needs to follow other provinces and sign a child care agreement with the federal government. This agreement needs to include decent work and pay!

    Some background:

    • If the government doesn't sign an agreement by March 31, 2022, Ontario is at risk of losing more than a billion dollars in federal funding for a child care program. 
    • Ontario remains the only jurisdiction that hasn’t signed a deal to deliver high-quality, $10 a day child care.
    • Even with more than a billion dollars on the table, Premier Doug Ford claims Ontario can’t afford to fund a child care program -- but nothing could further than the truth.
    • Experience from Quebec and other jurisdictions shows that high-quality, affordable child care actually pays for itself by creating high-quality jobs and allowing more women to enter the workforce.

    What do we want? 

    We need to turn up the heat on this government to ensure it not only delivers high quality, affordable child care but also ensures the staff who care for and educate our children to have a livable wage, reliable hours, and safe working conditions. This means: 

    A salary grid that ensures at least:

    • a $25 per hour starting wage for all early years staff;
    • a $30 per hour starting wage for Early Childhood Educators;
    • a daily rate minimum for licensed home child care providers; and
    • a commensurate benefits package for all.

    Decent work standards that support pedagogical practice, including paid planning time, permanent paid sick and emergency leave days and Early Childhood Workforce Learning Framework.

    The creation of practitioner roles that will strengthen program quality while formally recognizing the value of credentials, experience, and diverse knowledges.

    Pathways to acquire and upgrade qualifications, responding to the needs and strengths of rural, remote, and marginalized communities.

    Who to call

    1. Federal Minister of Families, Children & Development Karina Gould: 905-639-5757
    2. Ontario Premier Doug Ford: 416-325-1941
    3. Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce: 647-560-9700
    4. Your own Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)

    Suggested talking points (please feel free to use your own words)

    My name is ________________ and my postal code is ________________. 

    I am calling you to ensure that the Ontario child care agreement is signed as soon as possible. The agreement must also include measures to address the crisis workers in child care are facing. This means a $25 minimum wage for all childcare workers, a $30 minimum wage for ECEs, and permanent paid sick days for all workers in childcare. 

    The working conditions of early childhood educators are also the learning and nurturing conditions of our children.

    Already more than 1,500 ECE, child care workers and supporters have signed on to support the, “A Workforce at Breaking Point” open letter from the OCBCC & AECEO calling on your immediate action. Time is running out and you need to act now! 

    My phone number is ________________ and I would like a response and a chance to voice my concerns to you directly. 

    Next steps

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    2022 Provincial Election Candidate Pledge

    Polls show the majority of Ontarians support paid sick days, a $20 minimum wage, and decent work for all. For more than two years of the global pandemic, journalists and health authorities have recounted stories about how COVID disproportionately hit low-wage workers, and how workplaces have become hotspots for COVID outbreaks – with tragic consequences. It’s never been clearer that precarious work is a public health hazard.

    Our elected representatives must play a leading role in supporting decent work. The Ontario Government must provide proper funding for the full implementation of a decent work agenda. All public services, institutions and not-for-profit agencies must be funded adequately to implement these decent work policies, without a loss in employment hours or reductions in services.

    Supporting decent work for all also means making sure income supports for injured workers and those on Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program are livable. COVID has shown us that we all need at least $500 per week in income to survive.

    If elected, will you actively support this decent work agenda?

    A $20 minimum wage

    • Legislate a $20 minimum wage for all 
    • Protect and extend legislated annual wage adjustments so our wages keep up with rising prices
    • End sub-minimum wage rates and remove all exemptions to the general minimum wage such as for students and farmworkers

    Decent hours

    Make employers:

    • Guarantee a minimum number of hours of work each week 
    • Offer additional hours to existing workers before hiring new employees
    • Provide work schedules two weeks in advance

    10 Permanent, employer-paid sick days

    • Legislate at least 10 employer-paid emergency leave days per year, plus an additional 14 paid days during public health outbreaks
    • Oppose public subsidies for profitable corporations
    • Stop employers from asking for sick notes to access paid sick days

    Full and permanent immigration status for all

    This means: 

    • Permanent residency status upon arrival for all new migrants, and
    • Permanent residency status for all migrant and undocumented workers already here

    Equal pay for equal work

    • Legislate equal pay and benefits for equal work regardless of our status as part-time, contract or temporary workers 
    • Ensure equal pay and benefits regardless of gender, racialization and immigration status 
    • Make employers provide pay transparency in our workplaces so we can enforce equal pay and help fight racism and sexism

    Laws that protect all of us

    • Ensure migrant and undocumented workers can assert labour rights
    • Expand the Employment Standards Act to include all workers by closing loopholes and ending exemptions
    • Make companies who use temp agencies, franchises and/or subcontractors, fully responsible for their workers’ wages, working conditions and collective bargaining
    • Protect us from unjust firing (wrongful dismissal)

    Protections for gig workers & end misclassification

    • Stop misclassifying gig workers (like Uber drivers) as independent contractors 
    • Repeal the new law that allows companies like Uber to deny gig workers their full rights under the Employment Standards Act

    Real protections for temp agency workers

    • Make companies financially responsible under WSIB for the death and injury of temp agency workers
    • Ensure temp agency workers earn the same wages as directly-hired workers when we do the same work 
    • Require temp agency workers are hired directly by the client company after three months on assignment.
    • And to protect temp agency workers from being fired before this deadline, the law must also require employers provide just cause (a good reason) for terminating the assignment if they bring in another temp agency worker to do the job 

    Make it easier to join – and keep – our unions

    • We must have the right to join unions by signing cards
    • We must be able to form unions across franchises and subcontractors.
    • We must also be able to bargain across regions and sectors of work (broader-based bargaining)
    • Protect us from losing our wages, benefits, and union coverage when a business is sold or when a new service provider gets the contract (stop contract flipping)
    • Repeal Bill 124 that took away our right to free collective bargaining

    Make employers follow the law

    The Ontario Government must implement:

    • More surprise workplace inspections
    • Bigger fines when employers break the law
    • Meaningful compensation for workers when employers violate our rights at work
    • Real job protection for us when we stand up for our rights at work
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    Support Gig Workers: Order-in Days

    We need folks like you to help Gig Workers United reach more app-based workers. If you're ordering in, why not talk to the workers who deliver our food and help connect them to the fight for decent work? Register now to automatically receive links to Gig Workers United posters and information cards to share with your delivery worker!

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  • published Family Day Long Weekend Order-in Days 2022-02-17 10:45:45 -0500

    Family Day Long Weekend Order-in Days

    We need organizers like you to step up and help Gig Workers United reach out to more app-based workers. Family Day long weekend will present a unique opportunity to engage with app-based workers and extend the reach of our campaign for decent work to these frontline workers.

    Register now and you will automatically receive resources like information cards you can share with your delivery worker about Gig Workers United!


    Register for as many days as possible:

    Friday, February 18, 2022

    Register here

    Saturday, February 19, 2022

    Register here

    Sunday, February 20, 2022

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    Monday, February 21, 2022

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  • Justice for Truck Drivers! Solidarity Phone ZAP


    What's happening:

    • Truck drivers are facing misclassification as independent contractors - this is a federal and provincial issue
    • At Cargo County trucking, workers are dealing with wage theft, illegal deductions, and unsafe working conditions 
    • Increasing numbers of Cargo County workers are coming forward with similar violations of their workplace rights 
    • Instead of paying workers what they are owed even after being ordered by the government to do so, the company is using the legal process to evade their obligations 

    What should happen:

    • These workers need their wages
    • These and other workers need better laws, meaningful penalties, and proactive enforcement against misclassification, wage theft, and dangerous working conditions


    • CEO Randeep Sandhu (cell): 416-315-2530
    • CEO Pawel Sandhu (cell): 647-606-2594
    • Cargo County general phone line: 888-673-9601

    Suggested talking points for Cargo County (feel free to use your own words):

    Hello, my name is _______. And I live in ________.

    I am shocked to learn that your company is violating the rights of so many of your employees, including making illegal deductions, withholding wages, and creating unsafe working conditions for workers and the public. 

    The dangerous working conditions is particularly alarming, especially since you claim to “maintain the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit” and that you “leave nothing to chance.” 

    If you really want to offer “safe and reliable” service, I urge you to change your practices immediately. 

    Please implement safe working conditions, stop making illegal deductions from workers’ pay, pay all current and former workers what they have earned and are entitled to.  

    I am watching the situation closely and I am prepared to take further action if you refuse to honour your moral and legal obligations to these workers.


    • Monte McNaughton, Ontario Minister of Labour:
      416-326-7600 (Ministry office) or 519-245-8696 (Riding office)
    • Deepak Anand (Mississauga--Malton) Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of LabourTraining and Skills Development: 416-326-7528 (Ministry office) or 905-696-0367 (Riding office)
    • Amarjot Sandhu (Brampton West) Chair, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs: 416-326-7591 (Ministry office) or 905-595-1532 (Riding office)
    • Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria (Brampton South) President of Treasury Board: 416-326-7591 (Ministry office) or 905-796-8669 (Riding office)

    Suggested talking points for MPPs (feel free to use your own words):

    Hello, my name is _______. 

    I have learned that misclassification, illegal deductions and unsafe working conditions are common practices at Cargo County trucking company whose head office is at 7447 Bren Road #2 in Mississauga. 

    I understand that several workers have made successful wage theft claims with government, but the employer is using delay tactics by abusing the legal process. I hold you and your government responsible for these violations of workplace rights. 

    I am calling on you and your government to end misclassification and wage theft by proactively enforcing the laws and moving swiftly to ensure justice is done. Decent work is a voting issue for me and I will be watching your action - or inaction - closely.

    My phone number is ______ and my mailing address is ______. 

    I would like a response.

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    10 Paid Sick Days in 100 Days

    This Federal Election may have returned a Liberal minority government, but we won't allow it to return to the status quo. With the Liberal government pledging to take action on paid sick days within their first 100 days, we have a real opportunity to advance a decent work agenda.

    It's time for 10 Paid Sick Days

    Within 100 days of being elected, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to:

    1. Legislate 10 permanent, paid sick days for federally regulated workers
    2. Push provinces and territories to take action on legislating paid sick days

    During the election, the NDP was the first federal political party to support 10 legislated paid sick days, and now that the Liberals are also championing this basic right, we can't let this opportunity go to waste. There are 85 days left for the government to make good on their promise, and we must hold them accountable.

    Let's be clear: Paid sick days must be employer-paid

    Profitable companies like Amazon, Walmart and Loblaws are refusing to provide paid sick days to their workers to protect their health. Instead, they are demanding public money be diverted from health care to subsidize their bottom line. We don’t need more corporate subsidies. We need wealthy corporations to pay their fair share with employer-paid sick days.


    Employers misclassify workers as independent contractors to deny them basic rights like minimum wage, and overtime and vacation pay. Misclassification also allows app-based corporations to avoid paying their fair share to workers' Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan.

    Right now, Premier Doug Ford is preparing to table legislation that will make it legal for corporations like Uber to classify gig workers as independent contractors. Any law that legalizes a new sub-category of “workers” will legalize inequality. We cannot allow further Uberization of our workplaces.

    On October 7th - the World Day for Decent Work - we join with gig workers to demand:

    1. An end to the misclassification of gig workers as independent contractors
    2. Full and equal rights under Ontario's Employment Standards Act and the Canada Labour Code.

    In Toronto, we'll gather at Queen’s Park at 8 am to tell our Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) that it’s time to fully protect gig-workers' rights -- including the right to join unions.

    If you can’t make it to Queen’s Park on October 7, help amplify this message on social media using the hashtags #MakeGigWorkDecentWork and #Justice4Workers. Please also tag Labour Minister Monte McNaughton @MonteMcNaughton and Premier Doug Ford @FordNation.

    Stop wage theft at Cargo County

    Throughout the pandemic, too many truck drivers have been misclassified as independent contractors, and are dealing with wage theft, illegal deductions, and unsafe working conditions.

    But courageous workers from Cargo County trucking company are organizing against these employment rights violations.

    Join us on Wednesday, October 6 at 12:00 noon for a phone zap to demand Cargo County pay their workers, stop illegal deductions and implement safer workplace practices.

    Organize with us this October

    Join us on Tuesday, October 19 at 7:00 pm for our monthly organizing meeting co-hosted with the Ontario Federation of Labour. We'll have breakout groups to organize for: 10 employer-paid sick days; solidarity with gig-workers and ending misclassification; fixing Employment Insurance and extending the Canada Recovery Benefits; and more.


    Wednesday, October 6 - 12:00 noon

    ONTARIO: Phone ZAP to support Cargo County truck drivers

    Join us in calling Cargo County to demand they pay their workers, stop illegal deductions, and implement safer workplace practices.

    Please click here to RSVP
     or RSVP and share on Facebook.

    Thursday, October 7 - 8:00 am

    ONTARIO: #MakeGigWorkDecentWork

    We are joining forces with gig workers on October 7 to demand gig-work be decent work. In Toronto, we will be gathering for an action Queen’s Park at 8:00 am.

    If you can't make it to Queen's Park, please amplify the message with #MakeGigWorkDecentWork and #Justice4Workers and tag Labour Minister Monte McNaughton @MonteMcNaughton and Premier Doug Ford @FordNation.

    RSVP and share on Facebook

    Tuesday, October 19 - 7:00 pm

    ONTARIO: Provincial Decent Work Organizing Meeting

    Join us online for our monthly provincial organizing meeting co-hosted by the Ontario Federation of Labour. We'll have breakout groups that include organizing the fighting for paid sick days and ending misclassification of gig-workers.

    Please click here to RSVP or RSVP and share on Facebook

    Friday, October 22 - 5:00 pm

    ETOBICOKE: Paid sick days and decent work outreach blitz
    Islington TTC Station

    Join us for an outreach blitz in Etobicoke. We’ll be leading on the urgent need for paid sick days in the next 85 days.

    Please click here to RSVP and share on Facebook

    Sunday, October 24 - 11:00 am

    BRAMPTON: Justice for Workers Organizing Meeting
    Warehouse Workers’ Centre | 224 Rutherford Road South, Brampton

    Join us to plan the fight for decent work in Brampton. We will be doing a short training on how to meet with elected representatives so that we can deliver the many signatures we are collecting on our petition for decent work.

    Please click here to RSVP or RSVP and share on Facebook

    Thursday, October 28 - 6:00 pm


    Paid sick days and decent work are fundamental health issues. Health providers are meeting on Thursday, October 28 to plan next steps in winning at least 10 permanent paid sick days federally and provincially. With Ford’s temporary paid sick day scheme set to expire at the end of 2021, the time to win paid sick days is now.

    Please click here to RSVP

    Thursday, November 4 - 6:00 pm

    DURHAM REGION: Paid sick days phone ZAP!

    With the 4th COVID wave peaking, it's urgent the Ontario government steps up to legislate paid sick days. From 6pm to 7pm on November 4th, we’ll be calling Durham Region elected officials to tell them we deserve at least 10 permanent, employer-paid sick days.

    Please click here to RSVP or RSVP and share on Facebook

    Saturday, November 6 - 12:00 noon

    MILTON: Decent work planning meeting and outreach blitz
    Milton Public Library (Main Branch) | 1010 Main Street East, Milton

    We'll be meeting at 12 noon inside the Milton Public Library (Main Branch). Then we'll head out for a Decent Work outreach blitz at 1:00 pm.

    Please click here to RSVP or RSVP and share on Facebook

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    Join the Movement

    We want to change the laws to ensure every worker has decent work and wages as well as respect and dignity on the job. Hundreds of workers in low-wage, part-time and precarious employment have identified the following 10 essential priorities for a decent work agenda that - if implemented - would better protect all of us. We hope you’ll join the movement.

    We are fighting for: 

    Become a volunteer