Justice for Truck Drivers! Solidarity Phone ZAP


What's happening:

  • Truck drivers are facing misclassification as independent contractors - this is a federal and provincial issue
  • At Cargo County trucking, workers are dealing with wage theft, illegal deductions, and unsafe working conditions 
  • Increasing numbers of Cargo County workers are coming forward with similar violations of their workplace rights 
  • Instead of paying workers what they are owed even after being ordered by the government to do so, the company is using the legal process to evade their obligations 

What should happen:

  • These workers need their wages
  • These and other workers need better laws, meaningful penalties, and proactive enforcement against misclassification, wage theft, and dangerous working conditions


  • CEO Randeep Sandhu (cell): 416-315-2530
  • CEO Pawel Sandhu (cell): 647-606-2594
  • Cargo County general phone line: 888-673-9601

Suggested talking points for Cargo County (feel free to use your own words):

Hello, my name is _______. And I live in ________.

I am shocked to learn that your company is violating the rights of so many of your employees, including making illegal deductions, withholding wages, and creating unsafe working conditions for workers and the public. 

The dangerous working conditions is particularly alarming, especially since you claim to “maintain the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit” and that you “leave nothing to chance.” 

If you really want to offer “safe and reliable” service, I urge you to change your practices immediately. 

Please implement safe working conditions, stop making illegal deductions from workers’ pay, pay all current and former workers what they have earned and are entitled to.  

I am watching the situation closely and I am prepared to take further action if you refuse to honour your moral and legal obligations to these workers.


  • Monte McNaughton, Ontario Minister of Labour:
    416-326-7600 (Ministry office) or 519-245-8696 (Riding office)
  • Deepak Anand (Mississauga--Malton) Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of LabourTraining and Skills Development: 416-326-7528 (Ministry office) or 905-696-0367 (Riding office)
  • Amarjot Sandhu (Brampton West) Chair, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs: 416-326-7591 (Ministry office) or 905-595-1532 (Riding office)
  • Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria (Brampton South) President of Treasury Board: 416-326-7591 (Ministry office) or 905-796-8669 (Riding office)

Suggested talking points for MPPs (feel free to use your own words):

Hello, my name is _______. 

I have learned that misclassification, illegal deductions and unsafe working conditions are common practices at Cargo County trucking company whose head office is at 7447 Bren Road #2 in Mississauga. 

I understand that several workers have made successful wage theft claims with government, but the employer is using delay tactics by abusing the legal process. I hold you and your government responsible for these violations of workplace rights. 

I am calling on you and your government to end misclassification and wage theft by proactively enforcing the laws and moving swiftly to ensure justice is done. Decent work is a voting issue for me and I will be watching your action - or inaction - closely.

My phone number is ______ and my mailing address is ______. 

I would like a response.