Election Tool Kit

The Ontario provincial election campaign has begun. Thanks to you, a $20 minimum wage; 10 paid sick days; equal pay for part-time, contract and temp workers; real protections for gig workers; and measures to make it easier to join unions are all on the political agenda in this election.

But to win this fight, we must make sure every worker in Ontario has the tools to maximize the vote for decent work.

Here are some tools to help you hit the ground this election and build support for our decent work demands.

Candidate Pledge Form

Leaflets & Handouts

Minimum Wage vs. Regional Wage Model


Here are 5 Questions to ask your local candidate

Where do the parties stand on decent work? (links to download leaflet, poster and 4-pager below)

Posters and Signs

Order your Justice for Workers Lawn and Window Signs for delievery

11" x 17" Lawn and Window Signs to Print at Home


Ford Cancelled the $20 Minimum Wage

These MPPs Voted NO to Paid Sick Days 25 Times

Election Sign-up Sheets


Workers' Action Centre report: From the Frontlines: An urgent agenda for decent work

Racial justice primer

Myths and Facts about the minimum wage

Child care leaflet

Myths and facts about paid sick days