LCBO Workers on Historic Strike

July 05, 2024

9,000 LCBO workers are on strike for the first time in LCBO's history.

These workers are standing up against Premier Doug Ford's plan to privatize the LCBO which jeopardizes good  jobs in the community. And it puts at risk the $2.5 billion in revenue the LCBO generates that funds essential Ontario public services like education and healthcare.

No worker wants to walk a picket line instead of going to work. Todays strike started after months of failed negotiations between the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) and LCBO management. 

70% of LCBO workers are casual.
 Many of them don’t have guaranteed hours, access to benefits or the chance to move to permanent positions.

 What LCBO workers are fighting for:

  • Keeping thousands of good retail jobs in the public sector. 
  • Protecting the $2.5 billion in alcohol sales revenue that supports public services like healthcare and education.
  • Prevent high alcohol prices that could cost up to 50% more in convenience chains like Loblaws and Circle K.

 How You Can Help

  1. Join a Picket Line
    Show your support in person by visiting a picket line. Your presence sends a powerful message of solidarity to the workers standing up to the Ford government. (And if you want to anchor a solidarity picket visit in your area, please reply to this email.)

  2. Send an email to Doug Ford and tell him you support LCBO workers
    And if you’ve already sent one, send it again and ask a friend or co-worker to do the same.

  3. Send a tweet
    Post about the strike on your social media channels using the hashtags #SupportLCBOworkers, #Justice4Workers, and #KeepLCBOpublic. Tag @FairWagesNow and @opseu to amplify your message.

    Here are some tweets you could use: 

Tweet 1

Do I want that going to Galen Weston or to public education and health care?
🤔Is this even a question?
Solidarity with the 9,000 LCBO workers fighting @fordnation selling off our @LCBO!
#SupportLCBOWorkers #Justice4Workers @OPSEU

Tweet 2

LCBO used to have decent jobs but now 70% of jobs at the @LCBO are casual!
We need work that we can live on and depend on.
Solidarity with workers putting everything on the line to demand that decent work exists in this province!
#OnPoli #Justice4Workers #SupportLCBOWorkers 

Tweet 3

First Ontario Place, and now the LCBO. @fordnation's privatization agenda knows no bounds.
This is OUR money that he's putting in the pockets of billionaires. 
Solidarity with workers out on picket lines right now fighting for all of us!
#SupportLCBOWorkers #Justice4Workers 

Be it healthcare, or education, or LCBO, workers are the first in line to feel the force of privatization. That's why the fight against privatization begins with the fight for decent work in our communities.

Let's stand in solidarity with LCBO workers, fight for decent work and protect public services.