Emergency Phone Action for Status for All

May 23, 2024

We're fighting to make Status-For-All migrants a top priority of our federal government before it's too late.

Prime Minister Trudeau promised to implement a regularization program this spring. This program would ensure undocumented migrants have the rights and protection that all of us deserve. But time is running out with Parliament expected to recess on June 7 and not resume until the fall.

If the Prime Minister does not move on a regularization program now, it will mean months of delays. On top of that, a federal election is expected to take place in the next 17 months, so without action now, there's no guarantee that Parliament will even have time to carry out the program.

Emergency Phone Zap for Status for All 

We're hosting an Emergency Pan-Canadian Phone Zap for Status For All on Monday, May 27 at 
3:00 pm PT | 4:00 pm MT | 5:00 pm CT | 6:00 pm ET | 7:00 pm AT | 7:30 pm NT.

Our emergency action will take no more than 30 minutes. First, we’ll all join the Zoom meeting. Then we’ll take a few minutes for updates, talking points, and phone numbers. Next we’ll make our calls together. Finally, we’ll have a short debrief about how the calls went and plan our next steps.

If you can’t join us on Monday, would you be willing to make 1 or 2 calls on your own time and talk to at least one more person to do the same? If you register above, we’ll follow up with you with phone numbers and some talking points.

We all know we're stronger together. But if we don't stand up now, the politicians that fear our unity will be emboldened. They will intensify their efforts to pit us against each other for their own gain.

Let’s be clear: The cost of living crisis is caused by intentional government under-funding of public services and by corporations deliberately raising prices to hike their profits every year. By contrast, migrant workers and students sustain our economy: like all of us, they pay taxes, they do frontline essential jobs, and they help communities thrive. What we all need are fair wages and stronger labour laws - and for that we need every fighter, including migrants. 

Let's get it done!