A better TTC is possible!

May 30, 2024

Stand with TTC workers toolkit

We all deserve a safe, reliable public transit system.

But the federal and provincial governments have neglected to invest in the TTC's maintenance needs for decades.

Now, the TTC is becoming less reliable. Subway shutdowns are happening every week. Prime Minister Trudeau has not chipped in for the new subway trains the TTC needs.
Premier Ford has never restored stable provincial operations funding to run more TTC service.

Premier Ford wants to privatize the LCBO, which generates $2.5 billion every year in public revenue. That's enough to keep the TTC in good repair each year, or make TTC free.

Premier Ford just paid out $225 million to the Beer Store. That's enough money for the TTC to run much more service (streetcars every 6 minutes, night buses every 20 minutes, restoring subways to every 6 minutes or better) and protect Wheel-Trans users from service cuts.

Transit riders and workers should not pay the price of government neglect.

Take action NOW! 

  1. Send an email to TTC chair Rick O’Leary, the Toronto Mayor, the City of Toronto’s TTC Chair
  2. Say “Thank you” to a TTC worker! Let them know you have their back and you support their fight for better service, better staffing and a better TTC. You can download and print these cards on letter size paper or cardstock, then cut them into 4 cards. You can also pick some up outside Room 223 at 720 Spadina Avenue. The building is open between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.
  3. Poster & leaflet around a TTC station in your neighbourhood. You can download and print on letter size paper here. Or download and copy this half-page leaflet here. You can also pick some up outside  Room 223 at 720 Spadina Avenue. The building is open between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Once you’ve taken action, please help us spread the word by posting on social media what action you took, or take a photo of a decorated TTC bus stop or station. To make it easier for others to find and amplify your posts, please use the hashtags: #SupportTTCworkers #KeepTTCpublic #Justice4Workers - or tag us at @FairWagesNow, @TTCriders, or @TorontoLabour.