It's Thanksgiving weekend. Will you be the next Decent Work Champion?

October 09, 2021

October 7 was World Day for Decent Work. But we know workers have to fight for better wages and working conditions every single day of the year. 

Here at home, the Justice for Workers campaign (formerly the Fight for $15 and Fairness) is led by workers in low-wage, part-time, and unstable employment. By fighting and organizing together, we raised the minimum wage, forced governments to move on paid sick days, secured improvements for part-time and temp agency workers, and improved labour laws for millions of workers.

But battling bad bosses and big business takes resources.

That’s why, as we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, we are asking you to become a Decent Work Champion by making a $20 contribution each month.

From farm workers and grocery store workers to truck drivers and delivery workers, the people who are putting food on our tables this weekend deserve a $20 minimum wage and much better working conditions. 

Will you be our next Decent Work Champion?

Having consistent monthly support allows us to plan ahead and expand the resources we need to make decent work for all a reality. This is especially important, as we gear up for a provincial election that's just eight months away! 

No matter what you can contribute, every donation will be well-used and appreciated. Your monthly contribution will make all the difference.