Decent Work Organizing Meeting


Tuesday, June 06, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This meeting will be held online using Zoom. There will be ASL and live captions provided in English. Please RSVP to receive a link to join the meeting.  

Here's what we'll cover at the meeting:

  • June 3 Day of Action Debrief: We'll share our experiences from the Day of Action, including the build-up to the day and the response we received. We'll talk about what worked and what we'll do better next time.

  • Status for All: The Federal Cabinet will soon receive a proposal for a regularization program that provides permanent resident status for all undocumented people. This is a game-changer. We are close to winning this fight and but we need to keep pressuring the Cabinet to make the right decision.

  • Support for Injured Workers: June 1st was Injured Workers' Day, and we'll discuss how we can continue supporting the fight for injured workers across Ontario.