Climate Justice Contingent - Status for All


Sunday, September 18, 2022
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Christie Station
Bloor Street and Christie Street
Meet at the tiger
Toronto, ON M6G 1L5
Here's the Toronto plan:
  • At 1:30 pm, we'll meet at the tiger at the intersection of Christie and Bloor - just across from Christie TTC station.
  • Then we'll march to the main rally and march at 2:00 pm.
CLIMATE JUSTICE is inseparable from migrant justice, racial justice, Indigenous justice and economic justice:
  • Without permanent resident status, migrants are exploited and excluded, and at permanent risk of deportation for speaking out about rights at work or climate justice.
  • This year Canada has a historic opportunity to end fear, exclusion, sickness, and vulnerability for all 1.7 million migrants.
  • Ending the threat of deportation will make it safer for migrants to participate in our movements and that will make our movements all stronger.
  • If you care about the climate, join us on September 18 at 1:30 pm across from Christie Station. We'll join the main rally and march organized by the Migrant Rights Network at 2:00 pm.
See you there!
Supported by:
Rising Tide Toronto; Fridays for Future Toronto; Environmental Defence Canada; Toronto; Climate Justice Toronto