Day of Action: We Won’t Back Down on Status For All

Sunday, March 19, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Christie Pits Park
Toronto, ON M6G 3K4

On March 19, mark the International Day for Elimination of Racism and the return of spring to take to the streets with thousands of migrants and supporters to demand equal rights and permanent resident status for all undocumented people, migrant workers, students, families and refugees. A regularization program was promised in December 2021 but Prime Minister Trudeau is stalling, and migrant families are being deported and exploited every day. Anti-immigrant forces are trying to shut down immigration justice. They are blaming immigrants for low-wages; and creating hysteria about refugee claimants escaping the United States via Roxham Road to distract from corporate greed and profiteering. We must show the federal government that there are more of us, and we all want Status For All.

We must mobilize in the thousands with hope, we must #UniteAgainstRacism, insist #RefugeesWelcome and demand #StatusForAll. We have won many victories, from access to vaccines, to stopping deportations, to winning improvements to laws. We must make sure there are no delays. Find an action near you below, or organize one in your community.