Support LCBO workers toolkit

Welcome to the LCBO workers solidarity toolkit.

It has everything you need to take action and to make your support visible to workers at the LCBO and to our government.

With the LCBO toolkit, here’s 3 things you can do:

  • Send an email to Premier Ford and tell him you support decent work and fair wages for LCBO workers. And that you want him to keep the LCBO and the $2.5 billion it generates in public hands.
    You can also download this petition and help us collect signatures to deliver to our local MPPs to how much support there is for LCBO workers and for keeping the LCBO public!

  • Say “Thank you” to an LCBO worker and let them know you have their back. You can download and print these cards on letter size paper or cardstock, then cut them into 4 cards. You can also order cards from us, or pick some up outside Suite 223 at 720 Spadina Avenue.

  • Poster around an LCBO in your neighbourhood. 

Letter-size posters (8.5" x 11")
Tabloid-size posters (11" x 17")

If you are in the GTA, you can pick up posters outside Suite 223 at 720 Spadina Avenue. If you are outside the GTA and can't print your own, you can order posters from us.

Once you’ve done an action, please help us spread the word by taking a photo and posting it to social media, using the hashtags: #LCBOWorkersFightBack #Justice4Workers #KeepLCBOpublic. Or tag us at @FairWagesNow. 

As we support LCBO workers, let’s not forget all the other workers across the province who are also fighting for justice, from migrant workers to long-term care workers.