Decent work organizing meeting

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This meeting will be held online using Zoom. There will be ASL and live captions provided in English. Please RSVP using the form below to receive a link to join the meeting.  

With less than 3 months before the June 2 provincial election, and less than 2 months before the May 1 provincial day of action for a workers first agenda, there's not a moment for us to lose. 

Don’t miss this decent work organizing meeting where we'll organize for action in the following breakout groups: 

Paid Sick Days

To date, no level of government has implemented meaningful sick day legislation. Join this group led by health providers in the Decent Work and Health Network to organize next steps in the fight for at least 10 permanent, employer-paid sick days for all.

Justice for injured workers and workplace health and safety

For too long, injured workers have been denied justice. Instead, we have to fight the very government bodies that are supposed to protect us. At the same time, public and private sector workers continue to face working conditions that fail to protect us from COVID. Join this group to plan next steps to demand safe and healthy work for all of us and to ensure injured workers are treated fairly.

Early Childhood Education

Without adequate staffing, wages and safe working conditions, our children won’t get the care and learning resources they deserve. Meanwhile, Ontario is the only province that has not signed a $10/day child care agreement with the federal government. Join this breakout group to take action toward making real changes in Ontario’s childcare.

Solidarity with Gig Workers, end misclassification

Corporate lobbyists are working hand-in-hand with Ontario's Conservative government to pass legislation to make it legal for companies to misclassify us and take away our basic entitlements such as minimum wage and Employment Insurance. Join this breakout group to fight to end misclassification and stop the exploitation of gig workers.

Migrant workers, Employment Insurance, & federal income support

With parliament back in session and a federal budget around the corner, it’s time to turn up the heat on our federal members of parliament. Join this group to plan the next steps in the fight for decent federal income support, to fix Employment Insurance, for full immigration status for all, and for solidarity with Indigenous communities.

$20 minimum wage, Equal pay for part-time, contract, & temp workers 

The decent work agenda means organizing to win a $20 minimum wage; adequate and predictable hours of work; real protections for temp agency workers; protections from wrongful dismissal and more. Join this breakout group to plan local outreach and follow-ups, build our local networks, and meet with MPPs.

Climate justice must mean decent work for all 

We can only stop the climate crisis by transforming the economy and empowering workers to be part of the solution: all migrants must have permanent resident status; existing low-paid workers in low-carbon jobs need higher wages, fairness, and respect; and better-paid workers in high-carbon jobs need a just transition to
low-carbon jobs.