Phone Zap: Justice for Cargo County Truck Drivers

Wednesday, October 06, 2021
12:00PM - 12:45PM
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Justice for Workers ·

Many truck drivers are facing misclassification as independent contractors, but are also dealing with huge amounts of wage theft, illegal deductions, unsafe working conditions.

Cargo County's business practices are resulting in more and more workers coming forward with similar violations of their workplace rights. Instead of paying workers what they are owed even after being ordered by the government to do so, the company is using the legal process to evade their legal obligations.

Join us on Wednesday, October 6 at lunchtime (12:00 noon) for this urgent phone action. 

Samantha Ponting Sarom Rho Loretta Fisher Sarah Shahid Kevin Wallace Jim Zheng Elise Lee Lai Alexandra Yeboah Chandra Kumar Deena Ladd Linda Bernard Gurmukhjeet Singh Gertrude Lung Michael Cozens Andre Kolompar Valerie Lannon Dionne Samuels-Dussie Jackie Taylor Martha Burbano Beixi Liu Rajean Hoilett Pam Frache

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