Justice for Workers Solidarity Contingent


Friday, November 04, 2022
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Queen's Park
111 Wellesley St W
Toronto, ON M7A 1A2

Join Justice for Workers at Queen's Park over lunch to show your support for education workers. We'll be there between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. Look for our table when you get there! We'll have lots of "Paint the Province Purple" materials and sign-up sheets, so bring an extra bag with you and take some home!  

Please RSVP to let us know you're coming! 

If you can't make it at lunchtime, support education workers any time! Click here and type your postal code to find a picket line near you. 

What’s at stake?

Education workers are fed up with the underfunding of Ontario’s education system and the undervaluing of the workers that make the system run. It simply can't continue this way.

The government has the resources to address all these issues, but not only have they refused to do so, they have passed regressive legislation that makes fighting for decent work illegal. 

That’s why education workers have been left with no choice than to rise up and fight. Let's make sure they are not left to fight alone.

See you on the picket lines!