Phone Zap to Support TVO Workers

Who to call: 

TVO Customer Relations:
1-800-613-0513, (calling after hours, then press “0”)

Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education:
416-325-2600 Education office
647-560-9700 Constituency office
416-326-7591 Queen’s Park office

Suggested talking points:

Hello, my name is __________ and I live in __________, Ontario.

As a TVO viewer, I was really upset to find out that TVO has been sitting on a reserve of $17 million while claiming it can’t afford to pay TVO workers decent wages.

Just a small portion of that reserve would pay for the modest wage increases TVO workers are asking for. Like all workers, they deserve wages that can pay the bills.

I’m urging you to meet these workers’ demands for decent wages, job security, and stable funding for TVO. Good jobs at TVO mean better public service for all of us.

Calling TVO

You have more than enough resources to meet TVO workers’ modest demands.

Get back to the table and negotiate a fair deal now.

Calling Stephen Lecce

TVO is the responsibility of the Ministry of  Education.

Please let Minister Stephen Lecce know it’s his responsibility to ensure good jobs are at the heart of Ontario’s education system, including TVO.