URGENT: Support LCBO workers who are fighting for good jobs & public services.

June 20, 2024

Last week, 86% of OPSEU members who work for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) voted by 97% to take strike action if necessary to defend good jobs in our communities and stand up for public services. 

A "no-board report" was issued this week, which starts a 17-day countdown to a strike or lockout on July 5. A "no-board report" is issued when the Ministry of Labour believes an impasse in bargaining has been reached. 

If these workers are forced out on strike, it will be the first strike in the history of the LCBO -- and we cannot let them fight alone. 

Since March, more than 10,000 LCBO workers have been in contract bargaining, asking for fair wages and an end to involuntary part-time work. They are also demanding the revenue generated by the LCBO continues to fund the essential public services we depend on. 

What's at stake:

The LCBO generates $2.5 billion annually, funding healthcare, education, public transit and more. But handing over the alcohol market to grocery and convenience store chains like Loblaws and Circle K, diverts public revenue into corporate profits, while also cutting jobs and driving down wages and working conditions for LCBO employees. It means decent jobs in the LCBO won't be there for the next generation of workers and we will have less money for other public services. Less money for public services will result in fewer staff and worsening services across the board. 

Your Support is Crucial:

With a potential strike looming, it's more important than ever to show solidarity with LCBO workers. It's never been more true: if they win, we ALL win. Here's how you can help right now:

  1. Email Premier Ford: Express your support for decent work and fair wages for LCBO workers and urge him to keep the LCBO in public hands. Use our template to make it quick and easy.

  2. Thank an LCBO Worker: Print and distribute thank-you cards to LCBO workers in your community. You can download cards from our website, pick them up at our office, or order cards from us.

  3. Poster Around Your Neighbourhood: Help spread the word by putting up posters around your local LCBO (available for download on our website), for pickup at our office, or you can order posters from us.

Stay Connected: Once you've taken action, please share your support on social media using the hashtags: #LCBOWorkersFightBack #Justice4Workers #KeepLCBOpublic. Tag us at @FairWagesNow.

If the Ontario government gets away with redirecting revenue from public services into corporate profits, it will pave the way for more cuts to public services and embolden bad bosses everywhere. 

Alternatively, if we all fight alongside these courageous LCBO workers, we can protect public services and expand decent work in communities across this province.

Upcoming Justice for Workers Events:

More events come online regularly, so please be sure to check our events page regularly