MOMENTUM: Don't Miss Sunday's Activist Assembly!

March 04, 2022

We are less than three months away from the June 2 election. We need your help more than ever to organize and elect decent work champions in every riding. And no matter what happens, we must come out of June 2 with a stronger, more powerful movement. 

The May 1 provincial day of action, called by the Ontario Federation of Labour, will kick off the election and help make sure workers' demands dominate the agenda. 

That's why hundreds of us are coming to the Activist Assembly this Sunday, March 6 from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. Together, we will strategize and coordinate our organizing efforts for May 1. We are counting on leaders like you to be there too. We want to make sure our decent work demands have a high profile in every community on May 1 and beyond.

Can you join us on Sunday? 

Whether you can make it or not, please help us promote the Activist Assembly by sharing this inspiring video

You can also plug into a number of events coming up over the next two weeks that will help us get more organized for May 1. 

Wednesday, March 9 | 6:30 pm 

Building Worker Power: MPP / MP visits as an organizing strategy

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Join us for this session of our Justice for Workers organizer training series. We’ll be talking about how we can build our power locally from rallies to phone zaps and from petitions to MPP/MP visits. 

Saturday, March 12 

Building Worker Power Organizer Trainings

10:00 am: Getting Started: Reviewing the Agenda for Decent Work

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  • Why decent work is a matter of racial justice 
  • Where our demands come from and why they matter to our communities
  • Why must we build power and not simply rely on elected representatives to do it for us?

Saturday, March 12 

12:30 pm: Busting the Big Business BS 

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  • Dealing with difficult questions from the minimum wage to how we make change
  • Who creates wealth and how do we close the wealth equity gap?
  • Common myths about raising the minimum wage

12:30 pm: MPP visits as an organizing strategy

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  • Demonstrating our power from rallies to phone zaps and from petitions to MPP visits
  • How do we show our power when we meet with MPPs? 
  • Know Your Rights workshops as organizing strategies to build workers’ confidence in the workplace

Tuesday, March 15 | 7:00 pm 

ONTARIO Justice for Workers organizing meeting

Join us for our online organizing meeting where we’ll discuss the next steps in the fight for decent work. 

At this meeting, we are hosting a Climate Justice and Decent Work breakout room as well as a Solidarity with Gig Workers breakout room. Of course, we'll be hosting our usual breakouts on paid sick days; fighting for a $20 minimum wage, equal pay and fair scheduling; Injured workers and workplace health and safety; and federal issues like Employment Insurance, full immigration status for migrant workers, and Indigenous solidarity.  

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For more listings, you can check out our website with upcoming local meetings and actions or visit our Facebook events page here

We hope to see you at an upcoming event soon!