NEW election toolkit!

May 15, 2022

Thanks to you, we have a opportunity to VOTE on June 2nd for a $20 minimum wage, 10 paid sick days, equal pay-for-equal work and so much more. But it’s still a race against the clock to make sure everyone has the information they need to make their vote count.

Ontario Election Toolkit for Decent Work

The Ontario Election Toolkit has all you need to organize in your community. 


  1. Get your candidate to pledge to be a decent work champion. If you know your local candidate is a decent work champion, ask them to make it public so we can spread the word. Your candidate can pledge their support using our online form.

    Here’s a sample tweet to invite your candidate to take the pledge:
    Hey [insert candidate twitter handle]. I know you’re a #DecentWork champion that supports:
    ✅ $20 min wage
    ✅ 10 paid sick days
    ✅ Equal pay for part-time, contract & temp workers
    ✅ $500/wk in income for ALL! Including: OW & ODSP

    Now let #ONpoli know by signing on here: #Justice4Workers

    You can also print a paper copy of the pledge and take it to your candidate’s election office. 

  2. Find out where all the Ontario parties stand on decent work. Download our 4-page Election Toolkit showing the latest party positions on decent work. The 4-pager also includes 5 decent work questions to ask candidates when they knock on your door. We also have these 5 questions available in 6 other languages: Bengali, Chinese, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, and Tamil.

  3. Put up a lawn or window sign showing you are proud to support decent work for all. Order a lawn or window sign here and feel free to order a few more to share with your friends.

  4. Print and put up a poster in your community. We've a variety of posters available such as supporting Justice for Workers and a $20 minimum wage. Be sure to take a picture of your handy work to share on social media. And please tag us at @FairWagesNow and use the #Justice4Workers hashtag. 

  5. Hit the streets! Checkout our website for upcoming decent work outreach actions and meetings to join a event in your community. 

We have the momentum! 

Since we published our toolkit last week, another political party came out firmly supporting a $20 minimum wage and other decent work demands. It shows our demands are not only viable and necessary, but popular.

But there’s no guarantee that our issues will prevail unless we keep organizing. We have only 19 days left to elect as many decent work champions as possible. But with your help, I know we'll get it done.