TUESDAY! We need YOU at the decent work organizing meeting

January 15, 2022

Two years into the pandemic, frontline workers continue to work in dangerous, low-wage work without adequate paid sick days. And for those who lost their jobs during the Omicron crisis, federal income support remains totally inadequate and difficult to access.

It's clear our governments are more beholden to corporate interests than they are to protecting workers. Or as Economist Jim Stanford puts it:

"Bosses need workers to keep working, no matter what: after all, that’s what produces the value-added. And if workers must die in the process, so be it." [1]

Governments will only take action when they are more afraid of us than they are of the backlash from corporations. That's why we must continue fighting for decent work.

Can you join us this Tuesday, January 18 at 7 pm EST? 

Over 400 joined our Omicron Emergency Town Hall

On January 11th, Justice for Workers co-hosted with the Workers' Action Centre and the Decent Work and Health Network an Emergency Town Hall on how the Omicron crisis is impacting workers. Over 400 people joined the meeting, and many more sent their regrets and asked if the meeting would be recorded. The good news is: if you missed the Town Hall, you can watch it now!

Don't miss the next provincial organizing meeting

Your participation at the next meeting is crucial. Here are the breakout groups we'll be hosting at Tuesday's meeting:

  • Federal issues: Emergency Income Support; Status for All; Indigenous justice; Fix Employment Insurance for good
  • Paid sick days: Keep fighting for provincial and federal laws
  • Early Childhood Education: Organizing for safe and healthy child care from decent wages, workplace protections and paid sick days
  • Occupational Health & Safety & Injured Workers: Section 21; Workers Safety and Insurance (Workers compensation) 
  • Organizing for decent work: Ending misclassification, Protections for gig workers; Equal pay for part-time, contract, and temp agency workers; Just cause protection for all 
  • ASL - Organizing for decent work: Workers at the Bob Rumball Centre for Excellence for the Deaf (CUPE 4263) in Milton will lead this breakout group on local organizing that will be conducted in American Sign Language and English

We hope you can join us next Tuesday, January 18 at 7 pm EST. The meeting will have ASL interpretation and Closed Captioning. Click here to RSVP.

January 18 Organizing Meeting

Reinstate $500 in Emergency Income Support NOW!

Workers are being devastated by the loss of work and wages but the current Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit provides only $270 per week after tax for workers to survive on. And the new restrictions on access means it is even harder for workers to get supports than when the pandemic first broke.

Please call on the federal government to provide $500 in weekly income support to all those who need it. Help us put pressure on politicians and win tangible changes in the lives of workers. 


Thank you for being an important part of the movement for decent work. I hope to see you at the organizing meeting next Tuesday! 

Jared Ong
On behalf of the Justice for Workers campaign

[1] Toronto Star: We’re starting to force people to come to work with COVID — and some workers may die as a result