3 Easy Solidarity Actions this Labour Day Weekend

September 02, 2022

It’s Labour Day weekend! To find a local labour day event in your community, click here for listings across Canada. 

Here are three easy solidarity actions to take this weekend:

#1 Support the pan-Canadian Day of Action for Status for All on Sunday, September 18th.

To ensure all of us have equal protections under the law, we need full immigration status. That means status upon arrival for all migrants and regularization for those of us who are undocumented.

Thanks to migrant-led organizing and growing solidarity across the country [1], the federal government is - right now - developing policy on all these fronts. But corporations profiting from keeping workers in precarious circumstances are lobbying against the proposal. We need to counter this opposition by mobilizing across the country.

Help us spread the word on labour day. Here’s a flyer to share with your co-workers, friends and family. You could even print a few and bring them with you to your local labour day event. 

#2 Take action to protect access to Employment Insurance. Don’t let the federal government make it worse! 

If we don’t act now, Employment Insurance (EI) is going to be much harder to access from September 25 onward. That’s because the federal government has signalled its intention to revert to the old EI rules that puts EI benefits out of reach for so many of us. This government promised to improve EI permanently, and now it is going backward.

Please sign this petition to fix EI

To learn more about what’s at stake, read and share this flyer. You could even bring copies to your local labour day event or picnic!  

There are also 2 crucial days of action on September 7 and September 10, where you can help sound the alarm with our federal elected representatives. 

#3 Please make a financial contribution to support our work.

All summer long we have been postering, leafleting, rallying, educating and organizing to build a united workers’ movement. But we can’t do it without you or your financial support. 

This Labour Day weekend, please consider becoming a monthly donor. Just $20 a month will help us train more people and organize in more communities.

Will you make a special labour day contribution to support our fight?

Resources and upcoming events

Please RSVP for the September Ontario-wide online organizing meeting and check out these upcoming actions we’re supporting. And for leaflets, posters, factsheets and other backgrounders, check out our resources page

Have a great weekend!

Pam Frache for Justice for Workers

[1] Toronto Star endorses the call for Status for ALL, August 29th, 2022.

Simply relaxing rules for employers to hire more temporary foreign workers, as the federal government did this past April, does nothing to address its flaws. Furthermore, bringing in temporary foreign workers to work in low-wage jobs means that employers may opt for workers with fewer rights than workers already living in Canada who may be struggling to find work yet can’t be so easily taken advantage of.

“Next month, the Migrants Rights Network will hold rallies across Canada calling for status for all undocumented people, migrant workers, students, families and refugees. It’s a righteous cause that will help improve the lives of many people — and make Canada a safe place for workers to contribute to the country’s prosperity.”