Take Action for Migrant and Climate Justice this Weekend

September 16, 2023

Sunday September 17th: Regularize Everyone

Communities across Canada are joining forces with migrant workers, international students and their families to demand #StatusForAll. Permanent resident status means all of us will have equal rights under the law. It means access to basic protections from bad bosses and access to basic services like healthcare.

That’s why Justice for Workers is making a special effort to join the rallies organized by the Migrant Rights Network this weekend. We hope you can join us at a local event in your community: 

Migrants are not to blame for the affordability and housing crisis

Corporations at the top (and politicians like Doug Ford and Pierre Poilliervre who are influenced by them) are trying to blame migrants for the affordability crisis we are in.

But let’s be clear:

  • The Conservative Ontario government cut our minimum wage and passed laws to prevent public sector workers from bargaining decent wages. This same government also deliberately underfunded the public services we depend on, like health care [1] and education [2] and even fire-fighting. [3]

  • All levels of our government have abandoned their duty to invest in public housing. They also gutted laws that could have prevented predatory rent increases. As a result, while there is not enough affordable, rent-controlled, and public housing, there is also no supply shortage of predatory for-profit housing. [4] This helps explain why Doug Ford and his government are helping their developer friends by opening up previously protected and environmentally sensitive lands for commercial use. [5] 

No economic justice without migrant justice, climate justice, and Indigenous sovereignty.

So while we are working hard to support Status for All, we also want to encourage everyone to hit the streets whenever and wherever they can to make the links and to send a strong message to politicians and corporations: we will not be divided. Across the country, people like us are standing up for migrant justice, climate justice, Indigenous sovereignty, and against hate. This is the only way we will ever achieve economic justice. For a current listing of local events, please check out our events listing page here and join an action near you.