ALL OUT! June 3 Day of Action

June 02, 2023

Wow! There are more than 30 events taking place across the province tomorrow (Saturday) to tell Premier Doug Ford we're fed up with the cost of living crisis and want real action.

Here's how you can jump in! 

When we fight together, we win together

When we raise the floor of wages and working conditions, everyone wins. Workers have more money to spend to support local businesses, workers and their families are healthier, and our communities thrive. 

Instead, this government wants our wages to stay the same, despite the fact that rent and grocery prices are increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Meanwhile, corporate giants like Loblaws, Uber, and Amazon continue to make huge profits. It’s time for corporations to share the wealth they take from workers’ hard work. That's why we're fighting for a $20 minimum wage, 10 paid sick days - and to make sure banks and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. 

Frontline workers stock the shelves, drive the trucks, grow and deliver food, provide crucial public services like education and healthcare, and keep society operating. But instead of supporting workers, the Ontario government make deals with their corporate friends to pad their profit margins. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Despite Ford’s anti-worker agenda, our movement has made important gains. When Ford canceled our $15 minimum wage, we forced him to restore it. When he canceled paid sick days, we forced him to bring back three during the pandemic. And last Fall, when union and non-union workers united, we forced Ford to repeal legislation (Bill 28) that would have criminalized everyone’s right to fight for a $20 minimum wage and decent work for all. Clearly, when we fight together, we can win together - and we don't have to wait until the next election!

June 6 Ontario organizing meeting

We've learned a lot by organizing for June 3! Let's share lessons at the next decent work organizing meeting on Tuesday, June 6. 

We’ll use this province-wide meeting to debrief and swap stories about our experiences. We will also support the fight for justice for injured workers and take action for status for all. 

Join us on Tuesday, June 6 at 7:00 pm online. Click here to register and receive the Zoom link. 

Let’s put Doug Ford on notice 

Last year, Ford was elected with only 18% of eligible voters. He has no mandate. We are the overwhelming majority of Ontario and we are fed up. We want decent work, strong public services, rent control, good public housing, and affordable groceries. 

But in order to win, our side has to be organized. We can use the momentum created by the June 3 day of action to deepen our networks and to get to know all the new folks who will be joining us for the first time on Saturday. Let's make sure the fight we launch tomorrow is just the beginning. 

Have a fantastic day of action! And I really hope to see you at the next Ontario organizing meeting on Tuesday to share what we've learned and plan our next steps together.